About us

RadioControl SMD AB was started in the autumn of 2008.

The company name was chosen to signal ingenuity in electronics and the construction of the company’s products.

The company develops, manufactures and delivers industrial radio control systems for all types of mobile and stationary applications.

Over the years, two product families have been further developed and newly developed, products that are today called SMD and RL.

The SMD product family is an abbreviation for surface-mounted device and the RL product family is a separate product name for the RADIOLOGIC product family.

The further development of SMD products began in 2009, primarily to increase the flexibility of the products technology platform for the manufacture of robust wireless handheld radio control hand transmitters - adapted for various passage systems, gates, barriers or mobile machines that customers requested for simple ON / OFF functions.

Radiologic products offer intelligent, event-controlled, programmable and robust industrial radio control systems adapted to be able to connect control systems over longer distances without the communication going through third parties and also so that customers have full control over their software and its costs in the machines / applications they deliver.

In addition to the company's own products, a cooperation agreement was formalized in 2009 between the company and the Italian radio control manufacturer Autec Srl. which includes full exclusivity for the Italian company's products in Sweden.

AUTEC is a leading manufacturer of industrial radio control, with available safety features used to remotely control mobile or stationary positioning machines for countless applications in construction, industry, materials handling and logistics. RadioControl SMD AB's primary assignment includes being responsible for all necessary feasibility studies, needs analyzes, new sales and service / support for the aftermarket as well as all production planning for Swedish OEM customers.

Business concept, vision and core values

The company's vision; Being a leader in industrial radio control, with respect for nature, means that we are constantly looking for even more innovative and sustainable solutions for our products. These include recycling and organic materials, developing sustainable products that can be used and appreciated by generations.

The company's core values ​​are; function and quality by manufacturing under the conditions of nature, developing electronics and necessary accessories with quality that lasts for generations; make tough demands on ourselves and our suppliers; and by inspiring more people to discover the environmental benefits of reducing the use of finite resources created by unnecessary installation of cables and all its positive effects for humans and nature that wireless functional communication gives back, we hope we can leave our base camp - our place in nature and the world - in better condition than we found it.

Our business concept; to drive development, manufacturing, purchasing, inventory management and sales of electronic components and customized radio control systems with a main focus on heavy industry.

Contribute to meeting at least the following UN climate goals

  • 8.4 (Improving resource efficiency in consumption and production)

  • 9.4 (Upgrade all industry and infrastructure for increased sustainability)

  • 11.6 (Reducing the environmental impact of cities)