Radiologic = The world's first intelligent remote control

I takt med att våra handelshamnar färdigställs för att nå de högt ställda kraven för ISPS-koden för SJÖFARTSSKYDD har vi på RadioControl SMD utvecklat ett helt nytt unikt passagesystem som

The unique web-based programming tool (API) - LogicLink - you easily become your own programmer. With LogicLink, you can easily start programming customized software for RL-PRIO, RL-Router, RL-RC10

State of the art Radiologic RL-mini with or without display for full-duplex = actual feedback to all programmable features, and in addition vibrating/buzzer features, for instance an alarm etc. Li

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Logical touch screen with intelligent programmable radio remote control for the needs of actual status / feedback by full-duplex (two-way communicatin). Quickly and easily create your own layout 

Robust handheld transmitting unit with 10 two-steps pushbuttons Do you need a radio remote transmitter that can handle the most you can ask for in an industrial application, which are programma

Can you connect a radio for your PLC? Why not remove the complete - PLC - and install an intelligent programmable radio full of logic instead? - RL PRIO - can often take care of all your log

Cable Replacement, "Cut your cables", with two pieces. RL PRIO, you can usually replace one or more cables. Calculate what a cable in an industrial building costs when it is ordered, purchased, in

RL Router connects your different systems together, interprets and collects data and metrics, manage alarms and abnormalities. The system can collect production statistics from machines in the fields