RL RC10 handheld transmitter

Robust handheld transmitting unit with 10 two-steps pushbuttons

Do you need a radio remote transmitter that can handle the most you can ask for in
an industrial application, which are programmable, full packed with logic, and that can works well with all the
other parts of Radiologic product family? Then RL RC10 is the right product. The transmitter has four LEDs each with three colors (Green,
yellow or red) full programmable for necessary status feedback from the application, battery status, any
Error or receive confirmation that certain parameters are in a particular position.


tx10_vit thqrdtexzi


Customized legend plate, either with an engraved and colored disc in the picture, this provides a virtually indestructible surface, or with a printed decal which can have any design. To have their own logo for OEM on the front panel provides a professional and neat impression, but perhaps more important still: with clear symbols and text on the front plate buttons and LEDs increases to security and user considerably.


We can tailor made the legend plate according to your needs.


The transmitters is powered by standard AA batteries, which you can buy at the gas station or grocery store at any time. Or with rechargeable AA batteries and USB chargers for 12/24 VDC or 230 VAC optional.