The unique web-based programming tool (API) – LogicLink – you easily become your own programmer.

With LogicLink, you can easily start programming customized software for RL-PRIO, RL-Router, RL-RC10 and the latest RL-Mini transmitter.

The devices are easily added to the configuration and with a few simple mouse clicks, inputs and outputs are connected, adding or replacing devices in the project is also very easy.

For those already used to programming PLC, there is a ladder chart mode where very complex automation can be created. Connect multiple RL-PRIO to a radio network and replace signal cables that would otherwise cost a lot of time and money to install.

Customized complex programming is carried out by our own programmers, of course in collaboration with your project managers. After our preliminary study and needs analysis, we present layouts and a clear functional description.

With RL-Router you can collect production data, connect your application to the Internet via Ethernet or GPRS. Control or monitor in real time and create statistics etc.

This enables your projects to be more efficiency and reliability.

When programming and updating, you do not usually need to be physically connected to the devices, but everything is done wireless, this can be a lot of work-saving if the equipment is installed unavailable.


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