About us

Cheyenne Röckner, CEO

Our story began in 2008, we added a new strategic course

Entrepreneur Fredrik Röckner had a longtime experience as self-employed and I chose together with him start up the company RadioControl SMD AB. Already 24 years old, he founded the provisioning company for offshore named Lysekil skeppshandel  for trading,  with two empty hands and a vision. He had worked in the international Swedish shipping company. Fredrik laid the business plan and was in a small office over the former technology company IRAB, which had developed and sold the radio control system for the heavy industry since the mid-80s. 2004 Fredrik need new Challenges and began further education in the industrial wireless solutions. Fredrik and former owner for the company IRAB get to know each other well and in the beginning of 2005 IRAB finally hired Fredrik as the new strategic sales manager (KAM) for the Nordic area. In 2007 the company IRAB was sold to a larger company group.

Fredrik is today our Executive Chairman/President and COO, who is responsible for setting our visions, he is also responsible for the products R&D. Fredrik loves the daily sales and contact with end users/customers and today a part of our daily work as the company’s COO. Do not hesitate to contact him, he always has a solution to your problems.

My interest in technology at an early age when I was growing up in the technology family. My father Allan Flodén was technical director of computer company IBM and an avid amateur radio at leisure. A hobby that gave contemporary technology geeks the opportunity to chat and send little messages to each other wirelessly over the world. Our common interest was also to play with numbers. IBM moved around our family between different parts of the world, my upbringing and schooling edge was mostly that I was new to the class. After university studies in Sweden, I chose to start working for American Airlines. It ended up that I was recruited to a company in the United States and moved there in 1991, the company needed a multilingual Swedish “bilingual”. Finally, I harbor the spirit of a law office with duties that included investigations. After seven years, I moved back to Sweden, I was expecting my first child. Chose to train at the police academy in Stockholm and became the host of the Probation Service class 1 establishments and then worked as a civil servant for 10 years.

Today I am responsible for the daily operation and to implement the company’s strategy together with the staff.


  • 2009

    We chose to hire our first service already January 1, 2009

    Our first employees came also from the company IRAB. He had worked for many years with electronics and had extensive knowledge of everything involving industrial radio remote control systems. Fredrik made contact with the Italian company Autec Srl and cooperation began. Radio SMD became exclusive distributor for Autec products in Sweden and distributor in the Nordic region.

  • 2008

    But it all began only on a small scale by preparing office and workshop in Lysekil, Sweden.

    In January 2009, we were ready to launch the new company for industrial radio control products. We had many ideas, however, unsure how the market would react. We had no idea of the strategy and business plan would keep over time. We still had the courage and chose to pawn and sell everything that could be sold. We decided that I would work extra parallel and managed to carve out a schedule with three different jobs. Our budget showed that we could not take a salary from our startups coming the first two years. Fredrik keep his secure job and released in time for the start of the year 2009. Our vision for our fledgling company was to make a difference and is still our most important policy. It mainly driven us to start the company was that Fredrik understood what the end-user demand was and much of what was requested was missing. We could of course offer the service?

  • 2010-2011

    Product development and recruitment of staff

    Now, the market started to notice us, our motto to make a difference was demonstrated primarily through our development involving our proprietary Radiologic systems, as well as the further development of the proven robust SMD radio remote controls. We now had three product families that cover the market's needs; simple ON/OFF remote remote controls that could be easily customized, logical and intelligent programmable Radiologic units and Autec's wide product range of safety radio remote controls equipment in which it requested customized joystick or pushbuttons system solutions and standard radio control systems for heavy lifting application with high safety demand. Another technician was hired to join our team.

  • 2012

    World unique Radiologic systems for mining LKAB, TMA and VMS board for traffic safety services

    The new product family Radiologic was partially completed in 2012, however, we needed a good application of the system showing the performance fully. We were asked to develop a complete logic system with full duplex for the company ATA in Sweden. The aim would be to use a genomsam hydraulic systems for both the VMS board and the TMA cover. The development work was carried out by also developing increasingly. All-new aluminum design, hydraulics including the hydraulic pump, electric actuators, and the necessary parts such as LED lamps, automatic/electrical cabinets, batteries and storage and system logic of RL-Display and RL-PRIO-display. Production and delivery was carried out of a total of 25 complete units and the complete product was named Lux Dux. We had finally gotten out the first series of Radiologic products out in the field. At the same time we started up the development and Implementation of pilot studies for the company LKAB in the mining sector of customized radiologic software. The staff expanded by a technical manager (CTO) Peter Langåssve.

  • 2013-2014

    We learned of Harsh development years

    The product family SMD got a total review, everything was revised to meet market needs. Radiologic further developed and several major projects involving testing the radiologic for LKAB- involving optimization of ore mining production and manufacturer AB P. J. Jonsson & Sons "JONSSON" for crushing and screening with the new production diagnostics tools, later named LogicLink. This software includes all the logic that Radiologic can offer today. Projects which today is alive and constantly evolving. Several new projects for customized RRC for Autec products was completed to OEM customers and manufactures of mobile machines. The staff expanded by two new technicians, formalized agreements with consultants was conducted.

  • 2015

    Increased growth after years of development

    New projects for OEM customers with Autec RRC started up, test systems delivered. The development of Radiologic from 2013-2014 began to create some call-offs as well as the technology platform led to new projects for our logical intelligent radio control.

  • 2016

    New hires, new company profile with user friendly website for all the media released

    A good year that gave us confirmation that our strategy is working. Several new delivery agreements have been made and we have a great 2017 ahead with growth of 50%.

  • 2017

    Strategic Sales Manager

    Birger Hammar
    Background as Sales Manager for Dynamant AB, Project Executive, TeliaSonera, Head of Public Sector Sweden for CSC account executive for CSC

    Extensive broad experience and education:
    Royal Institute of Technology, IFL, IHM, Djursholms Samskola
    Summary: Broad experienced in sales and management, 20 years experience in telecommunications which today are spending huge amounts on that M2M. Birger's broad network of contacts, we see as a necessity for strong growth.

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