Wireless Industrial Technology


OEM and constructor

With our wide flexible product range, we create short lead times for your project.

Our vision is that your brilliant idea in collaboration with our application engineers will create a user-friendly and cost-effective system that lifts your application to completely new levels.

Focus on your needs

It should be easy for you

We will help you choose the right radio control already in your feasibility study. Our broad knowledge of various heavy industrial applications helps you choose the right system, we will be your reliable tool for a successful project.


Our radio control systems have been manufactured and delivered since the early 80's, backward compatibility should is a requirement.

Existing facilities will not need to be replaced just because technology is advancing. Our system thinking is always long-term, the systems should last over time and can easily be supplemented or replaced to avoid unnecessary downtime for you.

Cable Replacement - What is it?

Connects two or more points to radio instead of signal cable

Calculate what a cable in an industrial building / machine costs when it is ordered, purchased, assembled and connected by a fitter. Do not forget the cost of all documentation in the short and long term.

What does a 100-meter-long cable trench with excavation, excavation permit, cable protection, refill etc. cost?

Find the target

Ignore the technology

You should not have to think about our technology platform - we do it for you. Our goal is to refine your everyday life and be able to enjoy the project journey, our main task is to increase the production capacity of your machine or application.


Repairs with return postage

The most important thing for new sales is to be able to take responsibility for repairs and maintenance. We understand what a machine costs when it is down, we always prioritize support / service before new sales.